Baker Wedding: Fayette, Alabama

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Baker Wedding

Fayette, AL

On October 27, 2018 I had the privilege of capturing the morning of my sister’s wedding. We were a small group of bridesmaids, only 5 (compared to my 13) so it was an intimate morning of hairspray and Uno. Bailey was getting ready separately, and the moment she arrived at the church we dove into photos. It was a quick turnaround, but I’m so thankful I was able to photograph the woman who has always selflessly been my model throughout my years of exploration in photography.

I feel the images below describe the day for themselves, so I thought it would be fitting to include my Matron (yes – matron) of Honor speech here instead.

Bailey + Corey: An Unconditional, Assured Love.

From the moment I was born, Bailey loved me unconditionally. Despite the sometimes-rocky course of our lives, this love never ceased. Sometimes it showed up by letting me always play the part of Brittney Spears, sometimes it showed up floating along the lazy river while I suffered through having the shingles at Disney World. It was present in her letting me control the playlist during 9-hour car rides and was in her laughter at my ridiculous ways. It’s in her beautiful motherhood of Brayden and now, it’s shining bright in her love for Corey. I can’t deny that I became extremely jealous when he walked into the picture, but let’s be honest, who would want to share that love with anyone else.

Speaking of meeting Corey, I knew pretty early on that Corey was the perfect match for Bailey. As many of you know, Corey was in the process of renovating a family home prior to his relationship with Bailey. When they first started dating, I came home for a visit and got to see the little farm house in the works. My opinionated nature led me to voice my thoughts on what colors the walls should be and what type of floors should be laid down. Corey immediately made it very clear to me that he’d already decided on the floors and wall colors and had an entire book to prove why he would stick to those. Not used to this sort of response to my opinions, I initially felt offended. How can this person not respect my creative vision? Now, a year after the event, I can look back and recognize this as the same assuredness I often feel. Corey, like myself, is opinionated. Corey, has a plan and sticks to it. Corey, found love in Bailey, and nothing could, nor will, sway him. As sure as I am of my own opinionated ways, I am sure of Corey’s firm love for my sister, an assured love so strong I am convinced her unconditional one has met its match.

In this wishy-washy, broken world, neither unconditional love, nor assured love are easy to come by. Finding both is unparalleled. When we think of Christ’s love, we can have confidence it is both unconditional and assured. What a beautiful example of Christ Bailey and Corey’s marriage will be to all they encounter. And how blessed each person in this room is to have already received such a love from them.


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