Antonya + Kwab Engagement Session: Atlanta, Georgia

A little over a year and a half ago, I started a new job in a new city. I had no idea what my career would look like or if I would even enjoy the job I just accepted. Thankfully, a work colleague pretty immediately took me under her wing as she needed my help just as much as I needed hers. She taught me all of her professional, creative and loving ways. And now, a little over a year and a half later, I have the privilege of photographing the love between herself and the man of her dreams.

You don’t have to keep scrolling very far to see the amount of joy Antonya exudes. She is not only lovely in all aspects of the term, but a fierce fighter as well. She taught me how to receive constructive criticism with grace, how to fight for what I believe in, and how important it is to apologize in the work place. We’ve been to state fairs, exclusive pop-ups and canning classes together. She was there when I discovered my love for llamas/alpacas and when I realized my favorite color was orange.

Antonya and I have always said we are soul sisters. Her Grandfather’s name is Lucius, my Pawpaw’s name was Lucian. She couldn’t buy name brand cereal growing up, neither could I. She’s a June baby. I’m a June baby. My blood sister, Bailey, got married a few weekends back and my heart couldn’t be more full with joy that she found the one. My heart feels the same for my soul sister Antonya. She, like my sister Bailey, is as good as it gets. Wherever she goes in this world, and what ever is lucky enough to receive her touch, will be changed for the better.

I always get a little nervous pre-shoot, as I don’t do this professionally in any sense of the word. Those nerves immediately went down the drain when Antonya + Kwab stepped out of the car in matching tennies, and orange at that ;). In all honestly, I had only done one engagement shoot prior to this, which was my sister’s. I did my research prior to the shoot, and Antonya and Kwab were the perfect guinea pigs for me to practice on.

They forced me out of my suburb Atlanta comfort zone, which allowed us to shoot against all of the coolest downtown murals and industrial backdrops. I had to tell them over and over again throughout the shoot that they were “being too much” and that all of their images were going to turn out like a magazine cover (which they did). We topped the entire shoot off with Jeni’s Icecream (a must when visiting Nashville/Atlanta) and I was able to get the Sweet Potato flavor I’ve been craving since last Fall.

This shoot turned out so wonderfully different than I anticipated and is unique to all my other work, as it should be. I hope to live my life meeting people as wonderful as Antonya and having the opportunities to photograph them in ways that tell how unique their story is.

— Tay


Antonya + Kwab

Atlanta, GA


I’m a 25 year young, everything enthusiast. I am a passionate girl at heart, with a deep love of Jesus, family and friendships. Things that make my life joyful are #1 my husband #2 my dog #3 plants #4 my camera.

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