Hi and welcome to The Weithouse! We’re the husband and wife duo, who wed ~2 years ago to the hashtag #dreamingofaweitzelchristmas and have since been incorporating Weitzel (pronounced white-soul) into every word possible. The Weithouse is a combination of interests including, but not limited to, photography, travel, gardening, and our fur-child, Boo. Although we wish we could promise that this website will be the best thing since sliced bread, it will most likely be a simple place of honest moments, quick adventures and opinionated advice. We’re so happy you’re here!

Our family:


A Brief History

At first we were just a bunch of studiomates starting our freelance careers in Toronto, Canada. Lars was an illustrator, Chris was a web designer who worked with Laura, an engineer, and Marisa was a set designer. As our gigs picked up, the studio became our second home. We all wanted to decorate our space in a way that was both comfortable and productive. Marisa broke the ice by bringing the studio’s first plant.

We set up a collective mood board, which was essentially the seed of this website. Each of us always had a little comment to go with the image. Chris joked that we were so opinionated about interior design that we should start an online magazine about it.

One night, when Laura needed a break from work, she uploaded the mood board images to her Squarespace account. Lo and behold, Tudor was born. Laura named the site after Lars’ cat, who was named after his favorite architecture style. We started interviewing friends who had beautiful houses and apartments. Now we cover a wider range of design topics and have over 30,000 subscribers.